Refund Policy This policy (“Refund Policy”) applies to all Sutherland Shire Web Design products and services (“Products” and “Services”), whether specified on our terms and conditions of use on (“Website”) or otherwise purchased by the customer.

Customers who buy Digital Website-based Products or Services from Sutherland Shire Web Design agree to read, understand, and accept our Refund Policy.

Customers must agree to these Terms before buying or using such products.

The first installment payment covers time, labour, and expertise spent on requirements analysis, information gathering, style identification, and, in some cases, writing and providing proof of style. If the customer terminates the project or instructs us to cancel it before completion, Print Magic will refund the first instalment minus time and expenses. The customer must pay the additional cost within 14 days of invoice date issuance if time and expenses exceed the first instalment.

In our agreement, “time and expenses” means Sutherland Shire Web Design previously agreed out-of-pocket project expenses and its time spent on the project, including correspondence, research, discovery, planning, writing, wireframing, design, development, testing, and project management. The cost will be the hours spent multiplied by our standard hourly rate. Only if the customer can clearly and objectively prove that Sutherland Shire Web Design Product or Service does not meet the Design Brief instructions and the customer’s written instructions will Final Payments be refunded. Whenever we refund a customer under our service agreement, we also refund any GST they paid.

We must offer refunds under Fair Trading regulations as a service provider. Our fair use policies meet legal requirements, as stated above. We will always be transparent and disclose how we charge, and we will always give consumers the chance to change their minds before they pay for our services, but once they pay, we will follow our refund policy and service agreement.
Policy on refunds


Sutherland Shire Web Design has partnered with Webhost Media (an accredited registrant) to create operational synergy in digital business services, adding value to our customers.

Thus, Webhost Media will help Sutherland Shire Web Design clients improve, modernise, and maintain their digital website footprint with secure current trending themes and designs, and the latest NBN hosting with super-fast 5G platform technologies.

The new online platforms will offer our customers best practices in Domain Name Registration, Cloud Web Hosting, Webmail Management, Security, and trending Website Designs to give their business a modern, functional, unique online branding presence. This will help us better serve our customers’ overall business proposition.

Customers considering activating a website hosting plan should carefully read the digital-related products and services refund policy, as refunds are rarely processed after the annual premium payment is made within the first seven days.

A refund policy. This policy (“Refund Policy”) applies to Sutherland Shire Web Design Hosting Plans products and services (“Products” and “Services”), whether specified on our terms and conditions of use on (“Website”) or otherwise purchased by the customer. Sutherland Shire Web Design customers agree to read, understand, and accept our Refund Policy before purchasing Website Hosting products or services. If customers do not accept these Terms, they should not buy or use such products. A customer must open and pay for a Sutherland Shire Web Design Web Hosting Plan before any website design work is done to give our designers a safe and secure environment to stage website design and development:

If charged, the annual website hosting plan subscription (a customer shall always pay the annual hosting premium yearly in advance) is for the entire first year and then renewed on an annual subscription basis to keep their website live and functioning. If the customer cancels the hosting service at any time after the hosting payment is made and/or cancels our mandate to finalise such project at any time prior to completion, As per terms and conditions, this service offers no credits or refunds, and all website files will be immediately removed after customer cancellation.

Industry-standard policy. This policy is best explained by comparing it to a mobile service plan that lasts 24 to 36 months. Whether you use the phone or not, you are indebted until the plan expires. See our Terms and Services for the requirement to cancel the Hosting Plan before renewal. The customer’s Agreement begins on the date they pay and accept the terms and ends on the day they notify us in accordance with this Agreement. Unless otherwise stated in The Sutherland Shire Web Design Console, the hosting Services will automatically renew for the same term unless the customer cancels in writing. Service cancellations after automatic renewal will not be refunded or credited.

If the customer wants to cancel a hosting plan after the first year, they should disable the hosting name’s auto-renew functionality to ensure it cancels at the end of its term. Therefore, to cancel an individual Service, a customer must complete the online cancellation form in The Sutherland Shire Web Design Console. The unique tracking number in the automated email sent to the email address specified in the online form will be the only proof of cancellation accepted by us. After paying the first year Hosting Plan premium, customers will not be considered for a return premium, either in full or in part, or for pro-rata consideration after seven days. Our refund policy follows industry standards. Please note that the refund policy applies to the following products and services: No refunds are offered for products like Domain Names, Domain Privacy Managers, SSL Security Certificates, ASIC Business Name Registrations, Microsoft Office 365 Plans, and other Sutherland Shire Web Design services. For digital Website Hosting & Web Mail payments, cancellations, and technical support, contact Sutherland Shire Web Design at