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The 90-day software warranty will kick in once your website software is deployed. The guarantee offers reassurance that the website will perform in accordance with its functional requirements. Any bugs (programming errors) that are reported to Sutherland Shire Web Design within the first ninety days of deployment are covered by this warranty. Any bugs that are reported during this time frame will be fixed without charging the client extra.


The website’s primary features and functionalities that have undergone system testing are covered by the warranty. If some of the impromptu, micro-improvements weren’t included in the original core functionalities, there might be extra costs. Any functional modifications made during the development or deployment stages that were not thoroughly tested for quality assurance because of resource constraints might not be covered by the warranty. Any problem resulting from modifications or server restrictions is not covered under warranty. The warranty does not cover any bugs relating to third-party plug-ins, servers, databases, software, or software integration. This includes open source content management systems.


If a third-party company accesses the site or the codes for any reason, the warranty rights are forfeited. If someone other than a member of the Sutherland Shire Web Design Team gains access to the codes, the warranty is nullified. If any payments are past due, the warranty will not be honoured.


The warranty is not extended for the same project, but you can buy a maintenance and support package for your website and software that lasts for twelve or twenty-four months. On request, longer terms can be obtained. Exclusive discounts are applied to all Maintenance and Support packages purchased at the time of sign-off.

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